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Unique Retreat
PURELAND will design a package retreat to suit your needs. As a general guide we have a few basic packages from which you can build your own unique retreat. Add or subtract your activities, meal requirements or special interests and let us take care of the rest.

Retreat Styles

HEALTH AND WELLBEING gets you back in touch with a healthy way of living. We consult you on your personal body type, diets that best suit your lifestyle and exercises that you can easily include into your every day living. PURELAND follows the ancient wisdom of classical chinese medicine adapted for our modern way of life. SPIRIT AND SOUL is an insight into the unique nature of your being. The essential alchemy principle helps you discover your destiny. Meditation and mind/body awareness practices are taught by experienced teachers. REST AND RELAX is perfect for busy people who simply want to get away from the stress of the modern world. Enjoy massages or facials, take a walk through the forest or sit and watch the sun set in the peace and quiet. NATURE ADVENTURE is a great way to experience the PURELAND environment. You can learn about solar and wind power, about the flaura and fauna then take a dip in the washpools of the fresh mountain stream on a warm summers day.


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